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I’m Soraya, a Holistic Wellness Mentor and I’m delighted to welcome you here.

I teach women how to awaken their inner senses, heal themselves and expand their consciousness through the two modalities of Cellular Regeneration and Menstrual Cycle Awareness.

My soul's purpose is to:

  • To educate women about the workings of the human body and what our 30 trillion cells require in order to create and sustain optimum vitality.
  • To teach women about the inner workings of the menstrual cycle and how it’s a gateway to greater innerstanding and intimacy of oneself.
  • To restore the connection between the physical and metaphysical self within a woman so she can regain memory of her Divine Light and purpose.

Ultimate wellness is holistic and encompasses every area of our lives. Everything is connected and when we start to look at our lives in this way, can we awaken our inner senses, heal on all levels and expand our consciousness. 


When it comes to chemistry, there are just two sides - acid and alkaline. The acid side is corrosive while the alkaline side is restorative and regenerative. The human body depends on a balanced pH for it to function and human blood pH should be slightly alkaline. Many of our physical and emotional conditions manifest due to an accumulation of acidic causing foods, drinks and chemicals. As well as this, stress and unresolved trauma can be stored in our body causing more acidity to build up over time therefore adding to degeneration and aging. Cellular Regeneration teaches you how to create an environment perfect for restoring balance and allowing the body to heal itself.

Your menstrual cycle is a multi-layered, biological, psychological, and spiritual system of evolution that lies within your body. It is a complex, yet intelligent system which has been designed to create, sustain and birth a human life. This is alchemy - a true magical power. Whether you choose to birth a child or not, the magic of your menstrual cycle is available to you through the practice of Menstrual Cycle Awareness. Knowing your cycle provides a deeper innerstanding and love of yourself as well as honour and respect for what it means to be a woman.

Combining these two modalities, women around the world are healing on all levels as nothing is left behind. These practices ask you to dive deeper into your own healing than you may have done before. They take commitment and time to integrate but if you choose to embark on this journey, you too may start to heal in unexpected ways. Learning how to decipher what your body is telling you, that it holds deep wisdom and it is in fact, one of your greatest superpowers is a remembrance of the Soul.

With great love,


7-Week Menstrual Cycle Awareness Course

Menstrual cycle awareness teaches you the foundations of how to track, read and work with your dynamic nature. The practice introduces brand new vocabulary focused on a more positive and respectful way of speaking about the menstrual cycle as well as offering radical self care practices designed to deeply nourish your entire being. Cellular regeneration is introduced to guide you on how to create an environment perfect for restoring balance to fully support your journey to vibrant health.

"A woman’s journey to healing begins the moment she decides she will no longer abandon herself."

Amy Brammel Wilding

Trust your process

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