From being born in South Africa to a Greek Cypriot mother and a Kashmiri father, having grown up in suburban London with my parents and older sister, from moving to Manchester for university, to leaving the UK to serve in alternative communities and ashrams across four different continents, I feel like I’ve lived many past lives in one! I’m now living in Bali, Indonesia creating a quiet and simple life. I spend much of my time focusing on me and nourishing myself in as many ways as humanly possible. After neglecting myself and forgetting my Soul for a while, I finally remembered it again and I'm living a Whole, integrated existence. What a blessing!

After graduating from uni, I spent just over half a decade climbing the corporate ladder of a multinational telecommunications company. I specialised in change management, leadership and training which is where my passion for empowering people became a motivating driving force in my life. My mid 20s arrived and life started to feel uneasy and stressful. Discovering meditation, yoga and talking therapy, I acknowledged I was overworked, stressed and tired. Making the decision to leave that life, I started working for a charity mentoring adults with lived experience of homelessness, addiction, offending and poor mental health.

Soraya Menstrual Mentor
Roots in Bali Jungle

Fast forward to 2016 where on the surface it looked like I had everything I ever wanted, but in reality my physical health was declining, I was deeply unhappy and I was losing my sense of self. A big spiritual awakening descended upon me (more of a spiritual smackdown), which resulted in me leaving my marriage, my home and a life I had spent 14 years creating. 

Since then, I’ve been on a long and windy path of soul remembrance, deprogramming, regeneration, healing and more soul remembrance. My reasons for this have been simple; to reach and sustain ultimate health and wellness and to expand my consciousness in order to feel connected to the ineffable in every waking moment. To feel the heartbeat of Divinity while inhabiting this human avatar is a constant reminder that there is no separation and there is nothing to fear. Oneness is real and within in reach.

I’ve worked with many healers, teachers, coaches and mentors to assist me on my journey of healing, embodying trust and finding ultimate freedom. Healing holistically has given me the opportunity to truly innerstand the body-mind-soul connection. Experience has taught me that health, wellness and spirituality are deeply connected and when in alignment, Oneness can be experienced.

My dharmic path is to share all the wisdom I've gained with women like you so you can experience your Soul remembrance. This is ultimate freedom.

With great love,


“A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretence and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself.”

Maya Angelou