About Me

I was taking the Pill from 18–32. It wasn't until I stopped taking it that I realised how much my menstrual cycle affected me. I was experiencing extreme feelings of depression, sadness and self-criticism and I couldn't work out why. I was creating a life I truly wanted to live, yet, I felt there was something wrong with me.

Introducing Menstrual Cycle Awareness was a pivotal point in my life. Learning about my cyclical nature allowed me to innerstand why these extremes were occurring and through this awareness, I was able to transform my experience of them.

Connecting deeply to myself and my rhythms, I began feeling profound love for all parts of myself. Approaching my life with more innerstanding, gratitude and trust, I started to heal in a way I had never experienced before.

With this newfound knowing, I was slowly and steadily able to refine all areas of my life. As a result, I learned my body has been designed to support and guide me and I've been able to harness the power and innate wisdom that lay within my menstrual cycle.

Menstrual Cycle Awareness has given me my life back and helped me to realise there is nothing wrong with me.

Soraya Menstrual Mentor
Roots in Bali Jungle

A Heroine's Journey


Graduating with a Media Studies degree in 2005, I spent six years climbing the corporate ladder of a multinational telecommunications company. Specialising in change management, leadership and training, my passion for empowering people became a motivating driving force in my life.

Going through a healing crisis was the catalyst in discovering meditation, yoga and talking therapy. To add to this, while gaining many valuable skills, my job wasn’t satisfying me in the way that it had previously done. I left and started working for a charity supporting vulnerable adults; empowering them so they could turn their lives around.

Five years later, while making many positive changes in my life and to the lives of others, my marriage had come to end. Disillusioned with the lifestyle that Western culture promotes, I left the UK to travel and to experience different ways of healing and living.

Since 2016, I’ve visited four continents. I've lived in alternative communities and ashrams where I've studied meditation, yoga and reiki. All with the intention of connecting to myself on a deeper level. Discovering Menstrual Cycle Awareness was the last piece of the puzzle and has helped me to gain stronger mental health, opened the door to self love and has become my core spiritual practice.

Through sharing my menstrual cycle journey with friends, many people started reaching out to me to teach them what I had learnt. Rediscovering my passion for empowering others, my calling to share menstruality consciousness with others was born.

"At her first bleeding, a woman meets her power. During her bleeding years she practices it. At menopause she becomes it."

Traditional Native American Proverb