"To understand the vagina properly is to realise that it is not only coextensive with the female brain, but is also, essentially, part of the female soul."

Naomi Wolf, Vagina

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Menopause: The Great Awakener

[8 min read - 1953 words] A note on language Before we dive into menopause, I’d like to explain what two...

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea aka ‘The Women’s Tonic’

[5 minute read - 1115 words] Please join me in starting a Red Revelations, Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Revolution! Red...

Is the Pill good for our overall health and wellbeing?

[14 min read - 3554 words] My intention Having taken the Pill for 14 years myself, I acknowledge that hormonal contraceptives...

Menstrual Cycle = Magic

[7 minute read - 1626 words] Introduction For many women, the menstrual cycle is a taboo subject; we may feel...

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