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What is does Menstruality mean?

Menstruality was first coined by Jane Catherin Savern, therapist, Menstruality Educator and founder of Luna House in 1999 to describe the life process women go through. 

Menstruality refers to the four phases of a women’s life: Menarche, (a girl’s first bleed); Menstrual Cycle Years (every day of every month); Menopause; and the crowning stage of Mature Life. 

While we may have some vague awareness of these stages, most of us haven’t been taught nearly enough or nothing at all. Experience has shown me that this is a contributing factor to why many women feel like they don’t know themselves and subsequently develop health issues over time.  

Menstruality embodies everything from the physical, emotional and psycho-spiritual aspects that a woman experiences throughout her life. This is a way of naming what has historically been ignored, brushed over, or unnamed.

What does sovereignty mean?

Sovereignty is the full right and power of governing oneself, without any interference from outside sources or bodies. To have supreme power over our own body, soul, mind and spirit is our birthright. When a women has a healthy and intimate relationship with her cycle, she is more connected with her unique nature and she reclaims her menstrual sovereignty.

What does innerstand mean?

Innerstanding is the neutral point of understanding and overstanding - with the knowing coming from a place of acceptance and unconditional love - not being skewed by the human consciousness/ego.

Absolute, heart-centred knowledge from the core inner being (Source).

I have an irregular cycle, can I practice MCA?

YES! Regardless of the length of your cycle, you are still able to track your cycle and innerstand how to navigate your life with more precision.

I suffer from amenorrhea (missing cycle) can I practice MCA?

If your cycle has gone missing, you are not pregnant, breastfeeding, or post menopausal, you can still track your cycle and follow the moon cycle.

Your cycle can disappear for a number of reasons. Bringing awareness to your cycle in such a focused way and looking at your lifestyle choices may restore a healthy relationship and attitude towards your cycle. Through my work in this field, I have observed women start bleeding again after a time of absence.

I suffer from menstrual cycle problems, can I practice MCA?

Absolutely. When you suffer with menstrual cycle problems, it can often feel like nothing will help to alleviate the physical and emotional pain. You may feel a sense of hopelessness which I innerstand and empathise with.

Much of your menstrual cycle problems could be due to your cycle having been shamed and suppressed for many years. When you ignore your cycle, it can put psychological and physical stress on you.

With PCOS and other more severe reproductive health issues, it will take a combination of becoming cycle aware and taking a much deeper look at your lifestyle to work out what changes you can make to help you get over your issues.

If you suffer from severe reproductive health issues, I suggest working with a naturopath. A naturopath is someone who employs no surgery or synthetic drugs. Instead they use special diets, herbs, vitamins and massage to assist the natural healing processes. It’s by no means a quick fix. But with effort and dedication, it will be possible to restore balance to your hormones and live a normal life.

You may wish to check out the work of Naturopath, Homeopath & Life Coach Gosia at Healthy2Gether. She works with women with reproductive health issues and may be able to support you.

I’m on hormonal contraception, can I practice MCA?

The reason you take hormonal contraception may be for contraception or to reduce menstrual problems. While it’s imperative that you have reliable contraception and a way to manage your suffering, hormonal contraception stops your natural cycle and replaces it with synthetic hormones. Ovulation is stopped which means the bleed you experience is not your unfertilized egg leaving your body, but a withdrawal bleed from the drug.

Some women say they do feel the inner seasons when on hormonal contraception, some say they don't feel them at all. You know your own body more than anyone so I would suggest tracking your cycle to try to learn more about yourself. If you remain on hormonal contraception and wish to take one of the Red Revelations courses, you are welcome to do so. But please be aware that because you are experiencing a synthetic cycle, you may not be able to get to experience the fullness and utter beauty of who you are.

You may find it useful to read my article ‘Is the Pill good for our overall health and wellbeing?’ to learn more.

I identify as non-binary, gender fluid or a trans man and I bleed, can I practice MCA?

My teachings cover the biology of the female anatomy and the energetics of the womb space. If you feel that menstrual cycle awareness is for and you would like to join the course, you are welcome and safe here. I'm committed to reaching a more diverse and inclusive representation of all people who experience bleeding.

"When women heal, the world heals."