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What does Menstruality mean? 

Menstruality was first coined by Jane Catherin Savern, therapist, Menstruality Educator and founder of Luna House in 1999 to describe the life process women go through. 

Menstruality refers to the four phases of a women’s life: Menarche, (a girl’s first bleed); Menstrual Cycle Years (every day of every month); Menopause; and the crowning stage of Mature Life. 

While we may have some vague awareness of these stages, most of us haven’t been taught nearly enough or nothing at all. Experience has shown me that this is a contributing factor to why many women feel like they don’t know themselves and subsequently develop health issues over time.  

Menstruality embodies everything from the physical, emotional and psycho-spiritual aspects that a woman experiences throughout her life. This is a way of naming what has historically been ignored, brushed over, or unnamed.

What does sovereignty mean?

Sovereignty is the full right and power of governing oneself, without any interference from outside sources or bodies. To have supreme power over our own body, soul, mind and spirit is our birthright.

What does innerstand mean?

Innerstanding is the neutral point of understanding and overstanding - with the knowing coming from a place of acceptance and unconditional love - not being skewed by the human consciousness/ego.

Absolute, heart-centred knowledge from the core inner being (Source).

Who is menstrual cycle awareness for?
Menstrual cycle awareness is for women who have a regular, irregular or AWOL cycle. I've witnessed women's cycles become regular/return once they adopted MCA.  
Menstrual cycle awareness is for women who suffer from menstrual problems and/or mental health issues. You may have exhausted medical interventions and common therapies and wish to try a more holistic approach.
Menstrual cycle awareness is for women who want to dive deeper into their psyche, innerstand themselves better and for those who wish to experience self love and realisation.
Menstrual cycle awareness is for women who do or don't currently have a spiritual practice and who wish to connect to God(dess).
I identify as non-binary, gender fluid or a trans man and I bleed, can I practice MCA?

My teachings cover the biology of the female anatomy and the energetics of the womb space. If you feel that menstrual cycle awareness is for and you would like to join the course, you are welcome and safe here. I'm committed to reaching a more diverse and inclusive representation of all people who experience bleeding.

Can you give me some advice?

I'm afraid I'm not able to give advice over email. If you explore my website, there is a vast amount of information and further resources you may find useful. If you wish to explore cycle awareness, my 12-week Homecoming course offers direct support from me.

"When women heal, the world heals."