I teach women how to reclaim their menstrual sovereignty



To teach women that menstrual cycle awareness is the key to restoring balance, peace, and purpose within ourselves and our communities.


To sponsor an Indonesian woman to take the Menstruality Leadership Programme with the Red School. My hope is that she will be able to teach this work to those I'm not able to reach.


To teach menstruality and MCA to school children for them to become familiar with this female life process.

What to expect if you work with me

No matter where you are in your life journey, you can pick up the practice of MCA at any point. Women between 24 to 55 have taken my course. Some have had no mental or menstrual health issues while many have experienced mental health and reproductive issues at some point in their lives.

Women who long to have children, mothers and women who have no desire to have children have enrolled. School teachers, managers, artists, yoga teachers, lawyers, coaches and students have taken my courses. It doesn't matter what your background is as I hold space for everyone to come as they are which creates a space for healing. Purposeful and thoughtful about creating a safe container, I welcome any and all expressions, experiences, and emotions to arise.

I’m fully present with myself and anyone that I meet. This results in women feeling seen, heard and innerstood on a level they may have never experienced before. My deeply intuitive nature helps people to feel at ease around me which is imperative when teaching this work. I’m fiercely passionate about empowering women to take responsibility and accountability for themselves.

I reframe how women feel about their cycle and I teach new vocabulary. This results in them having the ability to express themselves in a new and more compassionate way. I teach women about the biological, psychological, and spiritual system of evolution that lies within their body. I'm a guide and companion in the deep journey of learning and unwinding parts of self and soul, accessed through the menstrual cycle.

While I have extensive knowledge around health and wellbeing, menstruality and spirituality, there is always more to learn. I'm a lifelong student and I'm keen to learn more about consciousness, spirituality and our physical bodies which I hope will help me become a better teacher.

My hope is to be able to bring out the best in you, so you can transform from who you are to who you can become. For me, there is no greater gift than a person who fully innerstands and loves all parts of themselves. I'm utterly devoted to guiding you back to your truth, your calling and co-creating connection and community.

"Soraya is a rare, and remarkably beautiful teacher. In such a raw & real way, she connects straight to her student's hearts. She has this archetypal Mama Earth strength & wisdom that makes you feel safe, held & seen. You know that what what she is sharing is both deeply personal and a universal truth. Soraya has this ability to hold the space with such depth and power. If you take her Homecoming course you will feel connected to yourself more than ever. You'll complete the course with a sense of inner confidence and trust in your divine purpose."

Mary Sarah, Yoga Teacher